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Your Homes Newcastle call for centralised concierge system to help deliver a better service to their residents and reduce maintenance cost

Your Homes Newcastle is a housing management company set up in 2004 who are responsible for managing and maintaining properties on behalf of Newcastle City Council, Leazes Homes and the Byker Community Trust.

Operating primarily in Newcastle upon Tyne, YHN work in partnership with key organisations in the housing sector such as the Homes and Communities agency to provide affordable homes and support for people in need.

The Challenge

Your Homes Newcastle were responsible for the complete renovation of a proportion of the Newcastle housing stock and were looking to install a centralized concierge system that would enable them to integrate multiple services together.

The aim of the project was to link 65 blocks containing some 4700 flats spread out over a 30km radius throughout the city back to a centralised control centre.

YHN were looking to provide an efficient and flexible solution utilizing IP technology in order to deliver a more effective, efficient and enhanced system, as well as meeting the new requirements of costing saving in line with Government cuts

What We Did

Each apartment was installed with a hands free, wall mounted G9 monitor. We personalised each device to suit the needs of the resident, so each monitor features specialist reminders such as photographs and audio cues, prompts to complete tasks and reminders to take medication. Each monitor also provides security and fire alarm monitoring facilities for smoke and heat detectors. If activated, a member of staff will be contacted via their smartphone and the resident will receive face to face reassurance.

Using the Green Access intercom system and the City Wide network, we have given a means of contact to previously isolated residents.

Steven Studley

Techincal Surveyor, Your Homes Newcastle

System at a Glance

One platform for all services, including:

  • CCTV, Access Control, IP Concierge and Video Door Entry.
  • Smoke alarms linked to and controlled by the new centralized concierge system.
  • Existing peripherals retained and reused to help save costs.
  • An intruder alarm facility to alert the concierge when a door has been forced open.
  • Digital platform for future expansion and system integration, for example, Telecare and Telehealth.
  • Audio intercom between apartments, offering social inclusion for all residents.
  • A solution that combines all alarms and messaging services.
  • Remote maintenance and diagnostics to enable quicker response times for issues and adjustments