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Door Entry

Door Entry Systems

Secure access to a building is paramount for all people to avoid unwanted guests, cold callers or theft.

The Green Access IP door entry system is a standalone entity that allows visitors to call a flat through an entrance panel at the main door. This sends the call to a handset in the flat, which in turn can release the door and allow entry.

The IP systems offer an intelligent infrastructure – either on UDP or SIP – that promotes a strong and secure backbone and offers maximum control, flexibility and scalability of your systems. You will have the peace of mind that our solutions can support the most at-risk projects across all market sectors.

If security and reliability are important to you, contact Green Access for a tailor-made solution.

Who Will Require Door Entry Systems

A door entry system is required in almost all high rises and low rise blocks of flats and commercial units, this is due to the ever growing requirement to offer secured by design solutions for residents. The door entry system will allow the residents to live with peace of mind, knowing that the only people entering the properties communal areas are the people that are supposed to be there.

In commercial developments, the Green Access door entry system would allow for a single reception area to monitor the visitors for all companies located within the premises. With the ability of call forwarding by utilising an SIP server, the receptionist is able to not only confirm who the visitor is themselves but also transfer the call to the relevant person. This is also relevant in large single occupancy businesses that wish to restrict people from entering the building but still allow their workers full access via their access control systems.

What Is Door Entry

Green Access’ door entry systems are a true end to end IP solution that can utilise both SIP and UDP communication without the requirement of a server (depending on system requirements i.e. call routing).
The Green Access door entry system can be designed to suit bespoke solutions such as those that require a certain type of entrance panel (Bronze, extra-large etc..), as well as being able to customise our display on our G9 monitors with bespoke options and logos. Depending on system requirements (for example we have previously added a custom phone book and an “I’m OK” function on customer request), the Green Access door entry system can be highly flexible.

System Structure

The GA Door entry system consists of IP end to end products; this means that they only require a suitable network infrastructure following the IEEE standards to work. Each device can be addressed either as an SIP device or by using our proprietary addressing system, which allows the system to work with or without a server (the server adds additional features and benefits).

Green Access offers a variety of internal and external devices for the door entry system, this includes internal monitors ranging from 4”, 7” and 10” options, each device offering their own unique solutions with the added options of black or white casing.

Our internal devices are fully POE compatible, whether this is with an additional POE splitter (i2) or an inbuilt feature into the unit (G9).

If you decide you would like to integrate an SIP server into your Green Access door entry system, we can offer the additional benefit of custom software, SIP extension addressing and the facility to work alongside other 3rd party SIP devices. This means we do not tie you into working purely with Green Access products.

Benefits of Door Entry Systems

The Green Access solution is surely unique with its ability to be bespoke to what your client needs. Below are just a few of the features and benefits to the Green Access door entry system:

  • End to end IP – This means an easy installation and customisable software
  • Works with traditional network infrastructures – as long as the network supports the relevant IEEE standards
  • Works with 3rd party equipment – as long as the 3rd party product is able to work on the same SIP PBX as our Green Access products
  • Customisable solutions – as our product is IP based we have the unique ability to customise the functionality of our products
  • Unlimited number of monitors – as long as you have enough IP addresses to distribute there is no limited to the number of internal monitors within your system
  • Features an intruder alarm – our internal monitors come as standard with an inbuilt intruder alarm functionality with installed triggers such as door contacts and PIR alarms, with a password to arm/disarm
  • Media Centre – our units allow the user to store music on the monitors and apply their own screensavers (with a digital photo frame)
  • Inbuilt home automation functions – this requires our own home automation modules
  • Video and Audio devices – this includes two way video conversations between apartments
  • Screenshots and recordings – this allows the resident to monitor any visitors to the property
  • Concierge speed dial
  • POE compatible devices
  • Fully upgradable for telecare requirements – even if you have originally only committed to a pure door entry system, there is the functionality to “promote” the units to a telecare system when required